Saturday, January 17, 2015

First (Late) Foodie Friday!

Well, originally I was suppose to post this up yesterday, but got really tired and knocked out before I had a chance to do so.

Generally speaking, I usually go out around the city on Friday to eat out, either with Mel or my brother. Yesterday's lunch target was ISE, specifically the one down by Pine Street in the financial district. From the outside, the place doesn't seem to be very special:
It certainly doesn't help that they are currently fixing up the building; the scaffolding makes the place seem even shadier. The food here is good, and the price is what you'd expect for food here (expect to drop around $15 - $20 for lunch), but overall, nothing special. Really. Alright, alright, I lied. I wouldn't go and blow so much money of a meal if there wasn't something special about this place.

ISE opens up at 11:30am every day. Each day, they have a special menu of ~6 items (this changes all the time, but I still haven't frequent it enough to figure out the schedule changes) where they will only take 10 orders of each only a day. These menu items (at least in the 3 times I've been here) ranges anywhere from $16 to $24. And THIS is what makes ISE worthwhile to visit, because these daily specials are EXTREMELY cheap for the amount of excellent grade fish that you can get. But you must get there at 11:30am on the dot, otherwise they will run out in a few minutes. I got there late yesterday and already 1 of the items had only 1 left.

I'll be writing a full review later on, so keep your eyes out for it. In the mean time, allow me a chance to make you jealous:
This is the Gozen Bento. We snagged the last one.

This is the Sushi Combo. This is the second time I've had it and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

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