Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - First Impressions

So earlier yesterday I received a traded copy of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of Rune Lords and took it for a spin. I have to say I am extremely impressed by this. I'm a Pathfinder GM and when I originally heard about the game, I simply dismissed it as Pathfinder RPG with all the RPG component stripped out of it. That is very true on many levels; you will not find any of the tactical grid combat or many role playing going on here. However, what it does really well is actually transfer a lot of the feelings of a RPG session and compress it into a shorter time frame. It captures the adventuring and exploration of the original RPG and puts it together into a bit sized package with less rules.

I'll need to play this a bit more, but it's looking to be very good. I got this on the cheap in a trade and wasn't really hoping much out of it, but now I'm really hopeful. Look forward to my full review in the future!

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