Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chvatil's Brooch

This brooch has a large ruby embed into it's center. It is very well decorated, but it gives off a very uncomfortable feeling when you look at it. You swear it's trying to rip something out of you.

Type: Minor Artifact
Aura: Faint (Strong) Transmutation and Moderate Conjuration
Caster Level: 17
Slot: Neck
Weight: 1 lb.

This brooch holds all of Chvatil's research on himself. Chvatil was born with a a strong affinity for magic, but it manifested itself in the strangest way, in the form of control of blood. He was, at first, able to influence his own blood, instantly clotting it up when he was cut. As he grew, his power grew exponentially and he started to understand his abilities further. Using a special ruby infused with his own blood, he created this brooch to serve as a controller and amplifier to his already scary control of the red liquid.

The brooch grants the following to non-spellcasters who wears it:
Blood Filtration - The brooch constantly maintains the user's blood, purging it of foreign bodies and repairing damaged cells. User is immune to all blood based toxins and is immune to bleed effects.

In addition, if the user has is at least a level 1 arcane spellcaster, they are granted the following:
Blood Pool - The brooch can store blood from other sources to be used to fuel it's power. These will be referred to blood points (BP). For every 4 (2) points of damage the user takes, 1 BP is added to the pool. Whenever you deal melee damage, for every 6 (3) of damage done, add 1 BP to the pool.

Blood Magic - The caster may cast a spell they have memorized/prepared for the day by using an amount of BP equal to 3x (1x) the spell's level. This does not use up the spell slots. Spells with metamagic feats uses their new combined level. Magic cast this way have their descriptor modified to blood. This is acts in all ways as if the spell was modified by a water descriptor.

Blood Sacrifice - The caster may purposely drain her own health to fuel the power of the brooch. As a standard action, the caster takes 1d6 per 4 caster levels (up to 6 damage per 4 caster level) [minimum 1] damage and transfers the damage amount to the blood pool as BP.

Crimson Lance - The user can use BP to summon a spear made of blood as a standard action and hurl it at it's foes. Summon up to 1 spear per 3 caster level (unlimited) at the cost of 2 (1) BP per spear. Each spear deals 1d4 damage with unerring accuracy to any foe within medium range. The user may instead focus and charge the spell up as a full action and continue to maintain the spell each turn after as a full action. For each turn after the first, increase the damage dice by 1 (2) stage and drain 2 (1) BP.

Soul of the Sanguine River - This has been cryptically referred to many times in Chvatil's research papers, but has never been fully explained. It's suppose to unleash the full potential of the brooch even if the user has lesser powers than Chvatil.


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