Monday, February 2, 2015

HOLY ****! (Also known as unboxing Small Worlds Designer's Edition)

Well an hour ago, this showed up on my door steps:
What's this?
Holy ****! A few months ago, I Kickstarted the Designer's Edition of Small Worlds, and finally, after many months of delays and wait, it's here! I'll probably never stop gushing if I started to talk about this, so I'll use pictures instead.
Knife? Check. Let's get this operation started.

Ew... It's just packaging. 

Or not...

Very. Heavy. Let's crack this thing open.


Finally, the real meat. Layer one, resin pieces.

Layer two, races!

Layer three, even more races!

Of course the map would be down here.

The book, the wooden tokens, and the metal victory coins that you can't really see.

Because I can.

Overall, I am deeply impressed by the job. This is definitely worth way more than the amount I paid for. The wood appears to be extremely high quality and the metal coins are exceptionally beautiful. The only real disappoint I had was that I believe the map board is the exact same one that you get from the normal version of this game. I think it's a little bigger, but it kinda feels the same. However, the rest of the box just blew me away, especially the sheer size of it. I was not expecting something this big. I'll fully unwrap it another time and review it, you can probably guess I really like it already.

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