Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Cast List)

Player Characters
Adam + David
Adam hails from the unknown lands, and together with his centaur eidolon David, they've struck out to see the world.

Bonbon + Squished
A amnesic wizard found in the chapel ruins. Has no idea who she is or how she got there, but she luckily, she still remembers all her enhancement spells... Squished is the name of her hedgehog familiar. No one really understands why it is named as such.

An extremely manly bloodrager who wears only a loincloth for protection. He hails from a tribe from a far off land where males greet each other by flashing their genitals at each other and comparing them.

A tiefling with a mysterious past. He holds himself strictly to his own personal code and his motives are unknown, but he proves to be an efficient solider. He is focus is unrivaled; once he sets his sights on a target, he will not relent until one of them is dead.

John Smith
Hailing from the far lands up north, John Smith moves now from town to town buying and selling just about anything he can get a good deal on. He joined the military in hopes that he can gain access to the military supply lines and, of course, more customers. He has a weird obsession with the mysterious black powder that recently appeared in the lands and is frequently seen using a few gadgets that is fueled by that powder, though his true power lies in his fist.

Rin is blessed with a silver tongue, good looks, and a deep sense of wanderlust. She just appeared one day, with her good friend Lulu, to explore the world and to seek the riches it holds.

Wendy + Luna
An inseparable pair, Wendy and Luna grew up together. They've faced many harsh trials (Luna almost dying once to save Wendy) and have forged a bond harder than steel. Their current motives are unknown, but what is known is their frightful effectiveness in battle as arrows and claw works together in perfect unison.

These 5 dwarves were great friends and had many adventures together before they settled down at Carrion Hills. As of right now, Agrog is still making the bricks in town, Boric, Cedric, and Delore has been found unconscious and held captive in a demonic sigil, and Edrian has turned against the party and almost obliterated them.

Fort Captain Rohan
The fort captain of the new Fort Gelhan. Has given orders for the party to track down the shipment of bricks and to find the reason as to why the shipments have halted.

Chvatil Hellblood
Chvatil was once a renowned demon hunter. Together with his 3 comrades, they were to take down a demon responsible for an invasion. He was found later in a chapel, apparently sealed away to prevent further corruption by the many centuries he has worked to keep the demon sealed. The party has temporarily managed to free him of his corruption, where he requested a duel to the death with them. He usually gets mistaken for a vampire because of his mastery over blood.

A member of Ondrea's crew, she suffers from a split personality disorder. Enya is the better and benevolent half, while Ayne is her darker, more exploiting half. She has an extremely bright mind and churns out inventions after inventions. Her pride and joy is her personal firearm, which is heavily modified for many different needs. She was killed by the party, but Enya's soul continues to assist the them.

Briefly mentioned by Chvatil as their squad leader. Not much information is known about her, but Chvatil quoted his slight unease around her and that she once wielded an enormous bastard sword.


Zenith Games - Borrowed Mr. Jacob's Tower Fl. 7 as the basis of the first part of the adventure. Head over there for some great Pathfinder resources. Thanks a lot Jacobs!

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