Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Part 2 - Drunken Books, Hidden Revenant)

Confused by the disappearing person, the party heads back inside to continue exploration. With the outside searched, they turned to the deeper parts of the chapel.

Their search brings them into a large room with bookshelves covering every wall that extends to the ceilings. As they entered, they caught sight of an open book left at the center of the room, resting atop a lonely table. On closer inspection, it was not a book, but a hollowed out container shaped of a book. Inside, they found a note of an angry bishop scolding an acolyte for hiding alcohol in the books and threatens for each book he finds with them in there that he will give him a fit of lashings. Our party was not interested. They noticed in the note that the bishop mentioned that the alcohol was all in books of the same name, in different language. The thought of free booze was too much and the party raided the whole library in search of the elusive booze.

Meanwhile, Hawk had just fallen asleep after a long day's of hard work in the field. He quickly woke up to find himself in the chapel along with the rest of the party. He was quickly brought up to date and immediately joins in the booze hunt. While raiding the shelves, both Wendy and Rin noticed another note buried in the books. The librarian left a note to the acolyte, thanking him for his alcohol. In return, he left something special for him in the most expensive book in the library. This sent the whole entire party into a looting frenzy. The result of all of this was some magical scrolls and 12 bottles of very rare wine. 

Satisfied that there were nothing else valuable left, the party left the library and moved on into the next room. The room they entered was very small and unfurnished. Standing the side of the room were 4 sarcophagi. On the far side of the room was a door labeled "Training Room". They decided to save the Training Room for a later time as it sounded a little unsettling. Instead, they surrounded a plaque near the doorway. A small logic puzzle was there, indicating what might be in the coffins. Two of those coffins holds materials for the chalice. Within minutes, the party had the puzzle figured out and pried open two of the coffins, extracting the mummified bodies as ingredients for whatever terrible concoction would result in the chalice. 

Two coffins were left, and Hawk got curious, along with John. What else was in there? Perhaps treasure? Greedy and curiosity quickly overtook them and they decided to crack the last two open. The rest of the party weren't in agreement and waited nervously by the exit of the room. Before the first coffin door even hit the floor, an enormous blast of electricity erupted from the insides, flooring both John and Adam immediately into a spasing mess.Hawk shrugged off the blast and got ready to greet the emerging revenant, electricity crackling from its eye sockets and mouth.

The rest of the party hurried to help Hawk, but couldn't do much as they were all jammed around the doorway. Hawk and his companion, Sad, tried to keep the revenant occupied while John struggled to throw off the stunning effect of the shock. Hawk was not holding the revenant too well as it kept hurling blasts after blasts of electricity. One of the party members managed to hurl a bottle of Holy Water onto the revenant, terrifying it and causing it to lose control momentarily. That pause was more than enough for John. Shaking off the unwanted electric therapy, John let loose an enraged roar and proceeded to entangle the revenant in a bear hug. He maneuvered the undead being into Hawk's chopping sword stroke, taking out a set of the ribs. Wendy managed to get two clean shot off at the revenant, firing over Adam's twitching body, igniting it. With the body burning rapidly, John wrestled the revenant's hands out and proceeded to bludgeon it with it's own fist until it stopped moving.

Not content with just 1 coffin left, John opens up the last coffin, and earned an explosive surprise for his troubles.

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