Monday, February 16, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Part 3 - The Worker and the Artisan)

Dusting themselves off, the party continues to explore the chapel. They left the room and decided to save the Training Room for last and went next door and entered another small, sparsely decorated room. Painting hangs off the walls, depicting sailors, blacksmiths, and other working people. At the center of the room was a sarcophagus. Reading the description, the party inferred that in order to open up the sarcophagus, they had to sacrifice something to the person residing within, something that he liked. As the person residing within was the patron of the working people, they tried to donate items and tools, none of which worked. Everyone was stumped on what to do, when Rin noticed a white shadow in the corner of the room. The motion it made was similar to a smithy working at the forge, and then it clicked. The party had Wendy put together a bow made from the dead body of the twisted tree and immediately after sacrificing it, the lid open to reveal another item.

Moving to the other side of the chapel, they found a mirror image of the room they were just in, but rather than working men, the pictures were bards and minstrel. But before they could take anything in, they noticed a female human sleeping on top of the coffin. John walked over and punched her, which woke her with a start, and she returned the favor with a kick to his groin. Her name was Bonbon, and she has absolutely no recollection of what she was doing here, but she decides to join the group, perhaps regaining her memory in the process. The party at this point figured out they probably have to perform something to open this coffin up. However, after many fruitless attempts, including one where John was trying to market his wares to the coffin, they gave up and searched around the room for other clues. Instead, they found a secret passageway in the back of the room, and it lead to a mostly empty storage room. They managed to salvage along the way an enchanted crossbow, but they also found a ring sitting strangely in the far side of the room. Wendy ordered Luna to approach it to pick it up, but the minute she touched it, she was crushed and hurt terribly by an invisible force. Luna quickly dropped it, but rather than hitting the floor, it maintained it's location, hovering in midair. Clearly, this was the cursed ring they were looking for. Rather than tossing the ring to each other, Rin ran back to get the chalice and placed it right under the ring, letting the liquid in there consume it.

Still baffled by the second coffin, the party was getting desperate. None of them really knew any way to perform any art. Rin tried to copy some performances she saw at taverns on her travels while Wendy got fed up and spent hours reciting the Iliad to coffin. At the end of it, the magic seal dissipated and they claimed another key item, tossing it into the chalice.

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