Monday, February 2, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Prologue)

In another time, another world, we find our adventurers in a strange situation. Our adventures are soldiers, part of a restoration division tasked with keeping the people of the fledgling kingdom safe as they rapidly expand into uncharted territory. The War King has decided to build a military fort along the fabled Mirage Desert, where tales of the strange are common. The fort, named Gelhan, was to serve both as a military stronghold, but also as a base of operations for the brave seeking the unknowns in the desert.

Captain Rohan was tasked with the job of overseeing the construction of the fort. For weeks the fort was building up smoothly, but a snag was hit. The shipments of the building blocks has gone missing. The captain was stretched thin already by the few men he had trying to keep order as people started to flock to the fort to seek their fortunes. A transfer was set up and thus, how our adventurers were sent there and given the orders to go to the source of the materials and find out why shipments were halted.

Taking a few weeks to travel by horseback, they arrived at the location, and immediately were informed that there has been some strange disappearance. The secrets of creating the materials were heavily guarded and not a lot of people knew how to make them. Of the 4, 3 of them has mysteriously gone missing in the past few months. The mayor implored them to look into the disappearance. The missing dwarves were critical to the economy of the town and their primary export. Interviewing with the residents, meeting with the remaining dwarf, and scoping the area, they found out a common link to all the missing people. In addition to 1 other dwarf, the 4 makers were long time friends. Many years back they were exploring the mines and got lost. While they were down there, they found an odd chamber along with a beautiful red jewel. That jewel was already shattered into 5 pieces, so they divided it among themselves and soon found their way back up. Fast forward to present, 4 of them has discovered the way to make cheap and effective stone for building and set up shop here. In the mean time, one of them has become extremely illusive, constantly staying in his house. Our adventurers, upon visiting the last dwarf, found him in the middle of being abducted by some creature, but managed to save him before he was dragged away.

The last of the dwarf was mentally unstable. He claimed the shadows were after him everywhere and his house was his last safe sanctuary. The adventurers would have dismissed him as a lunatic if it weren't for the history of the town. The town was a violent area, built upon many wars. Centuries ago, a demon army captured this location and for many decades lived here until they were driven off. Suspecting demons at play here, the party convinced the dwarf to lead them to where they they found the jewel.

They quickly descended into an abandoned tunnel without much trouble. After many hours, they arrived at the location of the jewel. Investigating the area, they discovered the back wall of the cave was shrouded in an illusion and a large demon was chained up there, unconscious, along with the 3 missing dwarves. Attempts to remove them was prevented by a strange, large sigil on the floor. As they attempted to return to the surface, the last dwarf suddenly attacked everyone, incapacitating all but Rin. Seeing as how he failed to knock her out, he tried to kill her, but a sudden blast of energy unleashed from one of her swords knocked both of them out.

An unknown amount of time has passed, and the party wakes up to find themselves in a strange chapel. And this is where their story begins. 

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