Monday, February 16, 2015

One Shots - The Runaway Groom

Party Cast
Adam + David
Adam hails from the unknown lands, and together with his centaur eidolon David, they've struck out to see the world.
Bootlegolas (Pregenerated Stand In)
Damiel (Iconic Stand In)
A tiefling with a mysterious past. He holds himself strictly to his own personal code and his motives are unknown, but he proves to be an efficient solider. He is focus is unrivaled; once he sets his sights on a target, he will not relent until one of them is dead.
John Smith
Hailing from the far lands up north, John Smith moves now from town to town buying and selling just about anything he can get a good deal on. He joined the military in hopes that he can gain access to the military supply lines and, of course, more customers. He has a weird obsession with the mysterious black powder that recently appeared in the lands and is frequently seen using a few gadgets that is fueled by that powder, though his true power lies in his fist.
Kyra (Iconic Stand In)
Rin is blessed with a silver tongue, good looks, and a deep sense of wanderlust. She just appeared one day, with her good friend Lulu, to explore the world and to seek the riches it holds.
Sajan (Iconic Stand In)
Wendy + Luna
An inseparable pair, Wendy and Luna grew up together. They've faced many harsh trials (Luna almost dying once to save Wendy) and have forged a bond harder than steel. Their current motives are unknown, but what is known is their frightful effectiveness in battle as arrows and claw works together in perfect unison.

In an alternate timeline, our party emerged from their respective dimension gates to find themselves in front of a beautiful seaside town. The sea breeze was fresh on their faces and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks by the waters were soothing to their ears. The party made straight into town to ask directions for the Tavern and they were lead to the Blind Boar's Tavern.

Blind Boar was medium sized tavern, constructed completely of wood. It's exterior is well worn, showing it's age. The party noted as they stepped inside however, that the place was very well kept. There wasn't that many people in there at this time of the day, so Wendy went over to start up some small talk with the barkeeper. She learned that this was the coastal town of Tilan, quite famous for their seafood. Wendy and John picked up some lobsters to snack on while continuing the talks while Hawk tried to engage the few people at the bar. They all turned up with the same thing though, the Mayor's son has disappeared 2 days ago and his marriage ceremony was in 5 days. The group split off, with Hawk, Damiel, and Bootlegolas staying behind at the tavern while the rest made for the mayor's house.

The group found the mayor's house, or more accurately, the mayor's keep, at the top of the hill a decent walk away from the tavern. Sajan went to circle the house, trying to find an alternate entrance while the rest made straight to the front door. Two guards stood there, denying their entrance, until they made mention that they wanted to see the mayor to help him with his son, and then they were ushered in. They found the mayor in his office, unresponsive. They shook him up a bit and he woke up, looking completely tired and drained. He explained that he had arranged a marriage with his son a two months ago and he wasn't opposed to it. Yet, he couldn't explain his disappearance 2 days ago. He told them they last saw him up in his room before he went to bed. The group asked to go upstairs to inspect the room.

Outside, Sajan realized it was impossible to scale the walls and went back to the tavern to find out that Bootlegolas was completely drunk and unconscious after consuming 5 pints of Fire Dragon's Ale. Damiel brought him back around with some of her concoctions, and then started to head down to the docks to find some work to make money. Bootlegolas and Sajan followed him while Hawk went to catch up with the rest at the mayor's place.

Back at the keep, the group scour the area for any trace of information about his son, Odwic. They found some sketches of many scenes by the beaches, as well as a lot of research papers about the local wildlife. It turns out he's a very respected researcher locally and has submitted many papers detailing the local area's wildlife. They also dug out a strange bronze disc from his desk, which had a strange polish to it. It certainly did not looked manufactured, but no one could tell of the origin. After finding nothing else of interest, they took off down to the beach to see if they could find some clues.

Back at the docks, Sajan decided to do some quick muscle work to get some cash while Bootlegolas and Damiel searched for some information. They were pointed to Begger Pete, who turned out to mostly be a big waste of time and silver. However, they left with a bit of information about the caves nearby, that they might be occupied by beautiful women. They made way for the beach and found the other group a little further down the shoreline, in front of a giant cave.

A river flowed out from the cave into the open ocean. It was dark inside, but a combination of Dark Vision and light guided the group inward. They stopped shortly inside, with 4 paths to take. They checked for wind flows and located 2 of the paths with it, while one of these had the river flowing from it. Ducking into one of the other pathways, they found a giant mother crab with her babies. Wendy spoke with them with Adam translating for the rest, learning that the cave was once a dangerous place, but something came here awhile ago and things died down. The mother crab was uncertain about what was deeper in the cave as it gave her a bad feeling, but they parted on amiable terms. A quick look in the other cave revealed another giant crab, but sleeping. The party chose not to disturb it and made headway into the path without the river.

The path wasn't terribly wide and the hike was slow and long. Along the way they noticed the wall was dimly lit by some strange colored crystals. Then they hear, first faintly, singing, then as it grew louder, they saw natural light up ahead. The pathway ended in a large cavern with a small opening in the roof, showing the skies. In the middle of the cave was a large pool of water, and in the center, atop of a small land, was a female elvish figure, bathing and singing. Sajan, tried to stealth in, while Wendy, Rin, and Luna peeked in, but they were given away Sajan. The girl looked up with a start to see the rest of the party filing in and grabbed her shawl nearby and wrapped herself in it, sinking back a bit into the water. John tried to get information out of her, but she didn't respond. He thought she might not understand him and was about to ask Adam to speak with Aquian when Wendy figured out that she was a Nereid and could perfectly understand Common. Some realized the rudeness of the intrusion and left, but Bootlegolas stay rooted. He was completely enchanted by the Nereid's perfect beauty and couldn't look away. Luna snorted and chomped on his legs and dragged him out of the cave until he got back his senses.

With the other 3 paths explored, the group hurried down the final route, and emerged in an even larger cavern, with the skies wide open above them. Vegetation covered the ground and a rushing waterfall of crystal clear water kept the pool in the middle fresh. Near the back was a young women, along with Odwic, clearly identifiable with his strange blue hair coloration. They immediately sprung up as they entered the cave and were cautious as the group introduced themselves. Odwic introduced the girl as Adina, but when asked questions about her, he was very silent about it and asked to not pry. When asked to return to his worrying father, he refused, stating that he never agreed to the marriage in the first place and he tried to talk his father out of it, but his father was also stubborn. This conflicting statement caused some level of concern in the party and Wendy, Luna, and Sajan ran back to the keep to see the mayor.

Luna ran fast, as fast as she could with Wendy on her. They shot down the streets until they reached the keep with Sajan far behind, left in the dust. Wendy told the guard that she found her son, and the maids took her to the office to wait for the mayor. He was down shortly afterward and demanded to know where he was. Wendy was very reluctant to tell him, asking him to answer some questions first. However, the mayor had already seen past her when she confronted him with the conflicting account of his son in regards to his willingness. He immediately suspected he was taken into the cavern networks by the beaches and went to his desk to take out a roll of parchment. He's pretty sure Odwic has been enchanted by a Nereid and handed Wendy 3 scrolls loaded with dispelling magic to remove the influence on him. He told her to try that on him, which should reveal the truth. "If the magic is too strong, bring him back by force," he said.

Wendy rushed back on Luna, picking up the struggling Sajan on the way back. She pondered a bit, because the young women with Odwic certainly didn't look like a Nereid. But nonetheless, she launched the dispelling on Odwic. Though she tried her best to conceal it, Odwic and Adina were suspicious and were inspecting Odwic when both Wendy and Adam launched the remaining dispells at both Odwic and Adina at the same time. On striking, Adina flared up, confronting the party, demanding to know why they were both on the receiving end of disspellment. When told the truth, she scoffed, telling the casters to look at Odwic and see if there were any trace of magical manipulation, which they realized to their horror, there was none. Odwic, was now resolved on leaving. Though he did not want to do so, he realized his father was extremely adamant about getting him to marry, so he thought to leave with Adina to another place, where the winds takes them. He requested the party to give him until dawn to write one last letter to his father before leaving.

As the sun rose, Odwic handed a letter, sealed to Wendy to deliver. He walked the party to the exit and made his way up to the cliff. There, both him and Adina dove off, but rather than crashing into the rocks below, Adina was covered and surrounded by a magical storm of glittering dust, and when it broke, she was revealed to be a dragon, covered from head to toe in bronze scale. With Odwic on her back, they quickly disappeared over the horizon, leaving the party speechless.

When the party returned to the news to the mayor, he couldn't believe the party. Adam scanned the mayor, and to his horror, he found out he was under some kind of spell. However, before he could do anything about it, the spell shattered, as the mayor, reading the letter, collapsed into a sobbing mess. They were quickly rushed out by the guards and maids and they found themselves back out in town.

With heavy hearts, our party turned to leave, but Wendy, along with other arcane casters felt a pulse from her bag. Riffling through it, Wendy realized it was the dragon scale that was pulsing. She notice the pulse quickens if it points to a certain direction. Nodding in agreement, everyone took off under the morning sun, following the pulses, arriving at a beach, but in front of a giant rock wall of another hill. A quick inspection reveals an imprint in the walls where the scale can fit. Slotting it in, energy poured out of it, filling into the cracks of the wall, tracing out a magic sigil. It flashed once, twice, and all the energy disappeared, followed by a rumble as a 10 foot hole opened up to reveal a hidden pocket in the wall with a small pile of gems and assorted trinkets. This was perhaps a parting gift left both by Adina and Odwic to them, perhaps a small token of thanks for letting them leave peacefully. And thus, our party left the town of Tilan, with their pouches a little heavier, but for some, their hearts even more heavy.

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