Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Part 4 - Sink or Swim)

Next, the group went back to investigate a passageway that went downstairs that they had skipped before. One of the clues had pointed to something related to a sea creature. Prior, they passed the doorway and noticed the smell of sea water coming from it. Fearing a powerful monster, they decided to leave it for last.

Downstairs, they found a large room with a deep pool of water that occupies almost the whole floor. They looked down and only saw the bottom of the pool. Feeling suspicious, Wendy summons a water elemental to jump in to take a look. Suddenly, the bottom disappeared and a large fish summon takes the place of the bottom. It rapidly rises to the top of the pool, bringing itself into view of everyone. It's eyes glowed and Rin, John, and Adam seized up, freezing in place as their minds were invaded. Rin managed to shake off the effects, but John's and Adam's eyes glazed over as they became a puppet of the aboleth. John immediately engages David, his three strikes instantly destroys him and sends him hurling back into the other plane. Adam throws his readied Haste onto the aboleth, who engages the whole party with it's whipping feelers. It was a tense fight, with the crew trying to avoid the whips and the magic thrown at it while trying to suppress their teammates. Wendy managed to get an arrow right into John's knees and the pain of it snaps him right out of his trance, while Adam tried to use his weakened link with David to throw off the effect. In the end, a combination of the team's effort, the aboleth was turned into sushi. The ingredient was retrieved and placed into the cup.

The group checked off the clues off the list. They were almost done at this point. It seems the only thing left remaining was ringing the bell and giving their own blood. They ducked back into the room that once held 4 coffins to visit the training room. Rin opened the doors and guided the party over the trap that was rigged there. Inside the room, they found a few statues, each one depicting a different monster. There were clues on plaques for each one. By striking each one with their weaknesses, the party found that they would disintegrate and reveal a pile of gold. After a few errors, the party walked out a little richer, and a little more hurt.

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