Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review (Food) - Sujo

Stolen off Yelp because obviously I forgot to snap a shot.
Name: Sujo
Address: 177 Bedford Avenue, Brookly, NY 11211
Cuisine: Korean Gastropub
Cost: Higher Mid-Range (~$20 per person)
Recommendation: It's not too bad, but the cost seems just a tad too high for the food here. And it's dark...

Mel: I'm gonna add comments to Sujo as well!

**WARNING - Now I'm going to preface this by apologizing for all the terrible photos, but the darn place was really dark and dim. And yes, before you ask, I decided not to use flash and I regret it.

Now this is my first time at a gastropub to my knowledge, so I was very curious to see what food would be here. For some odd reason, I was very curious about this "army soup" I keep hearing about (Budae Jigae), so I picked that one. And Mel was kind enough to share a bit of her Bibimbap with me, so we'll go a little into that. And we ordered their equivalent of loaded fries. Let's go in order.
If the caption was not apparent enough, GET THIS. We had 2 of this to split between 5 people and we all were wishing for more after it. It's fries, but topped with salsa, pulled pork, and mozzarella. It's served with sour cream and ketchup. The fries were seasoned extremely well. I don't know what they did with it, but it's not just fried potato and garnished with salt. The whole fry was bursting with flavor. The cheese gave it a very creamy texture, while the salsa keeps the mouth hydrated while consuming. The pork though, felt a little out of place. It meshed the least of all the ingredients, but it is still a welcome addition. A MUST ORDER.

Mel: It was definitely very tasty. The pulled pork was actually short rib and it's  called Sujo Fries! We also ordered a Sujo Salad which was just ok. The chicken in it was nice but thats only all I remembered from it.

Now I know why it's called army glop.
Color me disappointed. The budae jigae was effectively a mixing pot of lots of rice cake and salty preserved meats like sausages and Spam. It was definitely too salty for my taste and I cannot recommend this dish at all. And Spam does not cost that much.

Mel: While it was ok, there were other ingedients and it was a typical budae jigae. I do sort of wished it came with rice (like some other Ktown restaurants) because I certainly did not want to dish out 3 dollarsfor a side of white rice...

Why hello there...
Bibimbap is a classic order. Any new place, gotta try one of these. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by this one. Usually the ones I've tried are very salty, but this bibimbap had a touch of sweetness to it. If you know me, I'm a sucker for sweet/salty food. Definitely a recommended plate from me.

Mel: It was a dol-sot bimbimbap which means it was served in a hot stone bowl. I found it to be very pretty and tasted great jist a bit too sweet. I wished I didn't stir the bottom so I could have gotten some crunchy rice but thats totally my own fault! The portion was also very large. I know I definitely scooped out quite a few mini plates worth for Ricky while eating.

This place is a mixed bag for me. There were good and bads for food and the location is really out of the way for me at least. The lighting was also really bad, so people with terrible night vision, bring a flashlight. The food was up and down, though I was mostly pleased, but not pleased enough to justify the high price point. Overall, I'd stay away from here, unless you really want some KILLER fries.

Mel: I enjoyed the place overall. While I did find the place a bit dark, just ask the waitress to turn the light on higher. We found out that they could around the end of the meal. You should definitely give it a try. I should also mention that if you check in on Yelp you do get 3 dollars off a draft!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review (Games) - Machi Koro

Yeah, it's simple. Yeah, it's cute. Yeah, it's great.
Name: Machi Koro
Publisher: IDW Games
Publishing Year: 2012
Designer: Masao Suganuma
Play Time: ~30 minutes
Recommended Age: 9+
Cost: $29.99

-Really light rules.
-Short playtime.
-High luck factor with a dash of strategy.
-Really cute artwork.

-Base game has extremely low replayability and variability.
-Box is really hard to open up. Grrrr...

Verdict (Highly Recommended for All) - Machi Koro is a very simple gateway game accessible to all. I like to think this similar to Settlers of Catan that's been compressed and stripped of that awful trading component. It's length can be compared to microgames, but it packs a bit more punch than most microgames. This definitely has a home on my shelves, as a gateway game and filler.

Machi Koro is a light filler game with a surprise dash of strategy. You're the mayor of a small town and your job is to turn it into the largest, busiest city in the area. The goal of the game is to be the first person to construct 4 landmarks. Each player starts off with the same buildings and from there, you will collect money from your buildings to fuel additional purchases. On a player's turn, they will roll a dice to see what buildings will produce income (hey, doesn't that sound like Settlers?). Each building has a number on the top of them and if the dice matches that number, that building's effect triggers. Most of them only activate on your turn, but sometimes, they might trigger on an opponent's turn. Most of the time, you will collect income from the effects of the building. After that, you have an opportunity to purchase another building or to construct a landmark. Turn passes to the next player and it repeats until one person finishes all 4 landmarks.

Game Components
I have to say, before anything, the artwork REALLY appeals to me. It has this very cutesy look to it and it gives it a very cheerful feel (even as you steal other player's hard earned cash).
I'm a sucker for cute.

The cards your industry standard, slightly thicker than Dominion cards (which means it's slightly on the thinner side). However, with very little shuffling, the cards are not likely to wear out in this game. The dice are pretty standard, but they have a very solid coloring to them.
The box design is pretty roomy with plenty of space for future expansions.

The box is really sturdy, especially for a game as small as this. I would be impressed if it wasn't for the gosh darn tightness of the box. The top of the box has a perfect fit over the bottom half. The friction of the gloss between the bottom and the lid makes it very hard to pull off. The game components are really light too, so I can't bounce it around and let gravity help. And because of the perfect fit, I can't wedge my fingers in between them without bending the box out of shape. Small gripe, but arghhhh.

I have heard that the base game is slightly broken. Because all the cards are available at the start, there supposedly is an optimal build route that makes the game turn into a "who's dice is more lucky" game. I have not yet encountered this yet, but I still haven't really figured the game out. The expansions fixes this by mixing up the cards and constantly giving you a different set of cards to use each time around. And because the same cards are always out, there's no variability to the game.

Even then, I still recommend this game. It's a light filler game, but there's always that important decision, do I spread out my buildings so all the numbers are covered, or do I hedge it all together in 1 big roll. It's great for introducing people into the hobby world too, given how rules light it is. And for the price, if you get it online for $19.99 or so, it's a great value. Get this.