Friday, May 1, 2015

Reviews (Food) - Otafuku x Medetai

I don't get the combination either.

Name: Otafuku x Medetai
Address220 East 9th Street New York, NY 10003
Cuisine: Japanese Snacks
Cost: Low Range ($7/6 Takoyaki, $3 Medetai)
Recommendation: It's a cute and unique place. Definitely give it a try if you are in the area.

OxM is located just around the corner of Saint Marks and it's a nice little place I usually like to stop by after dinner on St. Marks for dessert. I discovered this maybe about a year or two back. Their menu is pretty small and I've honestly not tried anything there yet but the Takoyakis and Medetais,but even just for those two, it's still worth a check.

After dinner snack? Yeah, I'm a glutton.
Takoyakis are done in sets of 6 for $7 a dish. They're made fresh and even during low traffic times when they premake them, they're rarely in the warmer for more than a few minutes. These takoyakis are the standard fair. They have a small chunk of squid in each one with a mixture of vegetables and topped with takoyaki sauce, fish flakes, and mayo. These are pretty filling and you could potentially make a lunch of these. Just make sure you stab a few holes inside them to let the hot air out before tossing the whole thing in your mouth. A pleasure to eat.

"Good day sir/madam. My name is Very Berry. How would you like to eat me today?"
I'm always after a Medetai. These comes for $3 a piece. Effectively they are Japanese pastries with something stuffed in the middle. That something is either red bean paste or banana/Nutella. Occasionally they have a special flavor out (I've seen pictures of green tea and this baby up there is the Very Berry one) and those usually costs a little more ($4.50). Now I really like the red bean (nice and sweet) and the Very Berry (tangy as a counterpoint to the chocolate flavor), but I need to warn you about the banana/Nutella. The few times I've tried it, they put way too much banana and not enough Nutella, causing the every bite to be a banana chomp with the one single bite at the center tasting all Nutella. If you like bananas, go for it, but the way they make it doesn't spread the Nutella evenly enough.

So these aren't 5 star quality, but I'd still recommend it for a try. I know there are other places nearby where you can get the takoyakis, but they're good, they're cheap, and the experience of watching your food being prepared just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. So next time, if you're in the area, just drop by for a small snack. It'll be worth it for the experience.

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