Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Travel Eating - Food in North Carolina

So... we haven't posted in a while. Whoops! Between life, work, and volunteering, I've been pretty busy. (I like using Google stickers...)
Because of my work, I get to travel a few times in the year to various places in the U.S. and this totally allows me to try out different restaurants. Here are some places that I've tried during my stay in North Carolina (downtown Winston-Salem mostly). Onward!
Totally being a big piggy...
(Also, I will try to link the restaurant/bakery/food place to their websites if they have one. Most of what I review will either be about the bar, or the food only because I don't like eating in a restaurant by myself too often :c ).

Sweet Potatoes 

So this place has great music and an awesome bartender. The bartender was very nice and told me his favorite dishes (not the dishes that had the higher price range). My coworkers called this a pricey Southern meal, but it was one of those places that I really wanted to go to because I had a hankering for Southern food. 

Carolina Salmon Florentine!

So this dish was really tasty. It's 2 pieces of blackened salmon fillets, with some spinach on the bottom and a shrimp remoulade. The salmon was cooked well and the remoulade went well with the salmon. The best part of this dish, was what was at the bottom. It was a sweet potato cornbread. Yes, this cornbread had a good sweetness that made the dish excellent. I made sure I ate a bit of everything in every bite (except for the capers because I don't really like them :c). 

The next time I come to North Carolina, I will come back here to try another dish and also try their pie (but I was stuffed that day).

Hutch & Harris

I sat at the bar and since I didn't drink, they didn't really care much about me. :c They were having a big reservation that day too so I guess it was fine. The place was pretty dark and they people around me were really cheerful and nice. 

Rajun Cajun = Love!
I totally didn't notice the mat underneath it said Naked. Haha!
The Rajun Cajun had shrimp, crawfish, smoked sausage, and chicken cooked in a great Cajun sauce over rice. I've never had any crawfish before but now that I've tasted it, I will definitely look forward to trying more crawfish! This dish had a good amount of spices in it and it was a bit spicy but definitely a delicious dish. It all tasted good and it was well cooked. There was no dried chicken or overcooked seafood. I would definitely come back to try something new or eat this again.

King's Crab Shack and Oyster Bar

This place was voted as the best seafood in the Triad (a part of North Carolina). I didn't eat in the place and did take out. When I got there, there were plenty of people inside enjoying buckets of seafood and drinking beer (felt a bit like a sports bar). The waiters were very friendly and I got my order pretty quickly.
Oyster & Shrimp Po Boy and Cornmeal Calamari
Fried Tastiness and the packaging looks cute!
These two dishes (yes I wanted my fried seafood) were delish. I liked the po boy more than the calamari. The po boy had excellently fried oysters and shrimps (about 4-5 of each). The bread was toasted and the tomatoes and lettuce that went in the sandwich made it great. That tartar sauce was great on the po boy too! Fries were mostly great and well seasoned. I didn't really like the cole slaw that came with the po boy but overall it was definitely good. The caramari was ok and their marinara sauce was standard. I think I might come back here if I had a hankering of fried seafood, or a bucket of steamed seafood, but I think I'll try a few other places first before I come back.

The Old Fourth Street Filling Station

Now, this here is one of my boss' favorite places to dine. She recommended this place to me so I went here instead of Bib's Downtown (I'll definitely be going to try that place out sometime for some BBQ). This restaurant is a little further from the usual downtown Winston-Salem eats but an easy walk to get to it if it's a beautiful day. Because I was a table of one, there were no spaces to eat outside but there was a few tables on the inside. The waiter was great. He was courteous and cracked a joke or two and made the meal enjoyable. 

Filet Napoleon and Side Salad
Yummy, yummy in my tummy. This here was decadence. The side salad was standard and I got it with a Sesame Ginger dressing. The entree was great. The sides were mashed potatoes and some seasonal vegetables like zucchini, peppers, and green beans. I had the 4oz beef tenderloin which was a bit salty but cooked well to a medium rare. What took the cake was that lump of crab meat that hides my tiny tenderloin. That crab meat lump was buttery and so so so good. Not so much a crab cake as stated on the menu, but definitely it was a tasty lump of crab meat. I would definitely come back here sometime to eat other things or get a larger tenderloin. :)

Camino Bakery

This place was my to go to dessert place after eating at those restaurants. They had so many different desserts that looked great but I've always liked to try different cheesecake flavors. 
Coffee and Red Velvet Cheesecake
I did takeout on these two slices of cake and I did find them a bit on the sweet side. The coffee cheesecake had a great taste of coffee and the red velvet had a bit of a cocoa taste but I preferred the coffee cheesecake over the red velvet cheesecake. They were both smooth and lighter than a New York Cheesecake. I will come back to Camino Bakery to try some of their other goodies.

Yeah, sorry if this post made you hungry but the food in Winston-Salem is great! There are still tons of restaurants that I haven't been too in the downtown area and I aim to try a few more the next time I travel over there!