Thursday, October 15, 2015

Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?! (Part 6 - Into the Woods)

The party spent a brief moment in the white room when suddenly the floor gave way under them. They fell what felt like minutes before their surroundings suddenly changed. The skies were dark with no sun in sight and a barren wasteland stretched out in all directions as far as the eye can see. A large, timeworn castle graced the landscape. But their immediate concern was the rapidly approaching ground as they hurtled straight towards it. Many managed to land safely, but a few unlikely souls slammed into dead trees on their way down. Luckily, none were too badly injured.

Before they could get their bearings set, they heard a shrill scream. Scanning the horizon, they found the source of it, a gnome frantically running away from from strange rotting plant looking creatures. They lurched and stumbled after her with surprising speed. The gnome suddenly took a tumble! She rolled once, twice, and skidded to a stop at the base of a small rise. She looked on in terror and started to scream incoherent words as her pursuers advanced upon her.

Wendy made a decision then to intervene. She took from her pouch some seeds and threw it between the pursuers and the gnome. The seeds landed in the dead earth and green erupted from them. Vines flew out in all directions and within seconds there was a large patch of vines between the pursuers and the fallen gnome, who has clammed up. Charging from their cover in the hills, the party charged forward to engage the enemies. The fight was fierce, but luckily it was ended prematurely by a gift from the black skies, a muscular man wrapped only in a loincloth came hurtling down, smashing the remaining creatures.

In the wake of the battle, the party settled down to find out what exactly has happened in the last few bizarre minutes, with running rot plants chasing a gnome and a man from the skies. The man named himself as Fetus, a warrior from a far off tribe. He was sleeping and woke up to find himself speeding towards the ground.

With little information to answer their questions, the party now turns towards the gnome. Her name? Enya. And her importance? She is one of the people trapped here to maintain the seal. Confirming Chvatil's worries, she tells them that this is the second seal. Chvatil's first seal already has been destroyed and the second seal, though stronger, is rapidly weakening. She, along with two other comrades are in charge of the second seal. She tells them, however, over the time they were here, they've become corrupt. As a result, they started to drain the energy from the lands around, resulting the vast, barren wastelands. She implores them to help her free the energies they have taken back to the lands and to reseal the locks. The energy are being used to create corrupt vegetation and forest dwellers, similar to the ones chasing her.

She leads them back to her fortress where she has created countless mechanical golems to help her fight against the never ending tide of corrupt forest dwellers. Here, the party decides it might be, to the very least, useful to check out the forest. While Enya's story sounds spot on, some voiced their suspicion, especially at her labs under the fortress which she refuses to allow anyone down there for fear of danger. And so, the next they, the party ventures forth to the mystical forest.