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What Makes Us Happy (WMUH) is a blog created for Ricky and Mel to share with you their adventures with food, games, books, and more!

One of the two main contributors and co-owner of the blog. His life long interest in games and tasty food prompted him to start this blog to record his adventures to immortalize them in time so others may bask in his unending wisdom (Not really, he just needed a place to record stuff to help his failing memory). 

What Makes Him Happy!
  • Games
  • Food
  • Rules

What Makes Him Sad

Hi! I'm the second contributor and the other co-owner of the blog. My life has always revolved around reading (I was the only one in my kindergarten class to ask Santa for a book and I got a huge box of them!). I love fantasy, sci-fi, and historic fiction. But I probably would read anything that has a cool cover. While I'll most likely blog on reading and dining, I'll also blog about any thoughts on the games I play with Ricky and others! He introduced me to the world of tabletop and I'm totally blown away by the different games there are.

What Makes Me Happy!
  • Books! Books! Books!
  • Games - Particularly Pathfinder and Dominion!
  • Yummy Food
  • Kpop
What Makes Me Sad...
  • Wet socks. Gross.

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