Ricky's Magnificent Mansion

The veils of reality part and you find yourself standing in front of a majestic mansion. Stepping through the front gates, you cannot help but be in awe as you walk down the path towards the looming wooden gate. You passed the threshold and an enormous hall greets your presence. A fountain sits at the center with crystal clear water spilling from it's mouth. Three grand staircases leads upward to the second floor landing towards the front and sides of you. A cursory glance at the hallways reveals many doors, some opened, some closed. Within them, countless books and scrolls sit upon their shelves, waiting to enlighten another reader. Welcome to Ricky's Magnificent Mansion.

Hey there! This is Ricky and welcome to my personal mansion (page). I started to GM in the spring of 2013. I think I was browsing through Barnes and Nobles when I saw a copy of Call of Cthulhu on 75% sale and snapped it up. Thus began my spiraling madness through Great Old ones, maids, and now, Pathfinder. This place will record some of the sessions we have and perhaps some other RPG related stuff. Please enjoy them to their fullest and if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to send them to me!

The Library (Resources)
The Economics of a Basic Pathfinder NPC - Just How Poor (or Rich) Are They?

The Vault (Custom Items and Whatnots)
Chvatil's Brooch

The Archives (Session Reports)
Of Blood and Demons and... Bricks?!
Cast and Location Lists and Others
Part 1 - The Birds, the Bees, and the Trees
Part 2 - Drunk Books, Hidden Revenants
Part 3 - The Worker and the Artisan
Part 4 - Sink or Swim
Part 5 - Oh Blood Hell
Part 6 - Into the Woods
One Shots
The Runaway Groom

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